Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Micro-Sim Card Adapter for iPhone 4, 4G, iPad

Why Buy It?
If you have a micro sim but want to use it on a phone (or wireless data modem usb stick) that only accepts normal sim cards then this is for you.

For example, you have an iPhone 4 and a spare generic mobile phone that you only use when you're overseas. You want to iPhone 4 with an overseas prepaid sim card to save on data roaming costs but at the same time you want to be contactable on your local number. This is the perfect solution and it doesn't cost much! You can use the adapter to turn your micro sim into a normal sim so that you can use it with your spare phone. With the sticker template provided (see picture below), you can turn your overseas prepaid sim card into a micro sim and use it with your iPhone 4!

This is just one example of how useful this product is. There are many other ways to utilise this simple and effective product!

Have an iPad or iPhone 4 with a micro sim but still need to use your micro sim in another phone that only accepts sim cards of normal size? Why pay your telco lots of money for another sim card when you can just get a micro sim card adapter?

Package includes what you see above. Comes in a nicely sealed mini bag.

How to use? Please watch the video I made below:

Payment & Shipping

We accept PayPal^ and Bank Transfer (POSB/DBS)
^PayPal please add $0.10 for transaction fee.

**$3 Singapore Dollars and includes local normal postage within Singapore!**
This is the best price in the market. Do a search and you will not find a better price out there!

For international buyers, please email me for pricing and payment options!

Any questions please email anastatech@gmail.com

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